Max Zakzook

I am a web developer from Oakland, CA. My tech stack: JavaScript, React, Redux, Ruby, Rails, CSS, HTML, SQL. I am solution oriented and love a good challenge.



GitHub: Frontend / Backend

Mobile app built with React Native & a Rails API, designed to allow users to hire Food Trucks and Bartenders for private events
  • Utillized JSON Web Tokens and Devise to store encrypted user information on the client side
  • Implemented React Native Navigation using Switch Navigator, Stack Navigator & Bottom Tab Navigator
  • Implemented photo upload so businesses could save photos to their profiles
  • Utilized Redux to manage authentication and pass data through the app

  • Don't Die

    GitHub: Frontend / Backend

    Indoor plant tracker, utilizing Rails API for backend and React for frontend, designed to assist users keep plants healthy
  • Utilized JSON Web Tokens and localStorage to store encrypted user information on the client side
  • Implemented client-side routing, using the React BrowserRouter component, for single-page URL handling
  • Worked with a UI designer for CSS styling, providing exposure to Zeplin
  • Utilized props and state to achieve dynamic functionality

  • Play!

    GitHub: Frontend / Backend

    Ping Pong and Foosball Game Reservation & Leaderboard app utilizing Rails API for backend and Vanilla JS for frontend, designed to allow users to mange limited game tables in offices
  • Implemented global chat to allow users to discuss upcoming games
  • Styled from scratch with CSS
  • Implemented a leaderboard that tracks each user's gameplay
  • Intelligently handles cancelled games and notifies users when a game is scheduled to start

  • Travel Hack

    Social travel app, utilizing Rails, designed to allow users to post city-specific travel tips
  • Allowed users to follow users, using self referential relationships, for a familiar web app experience
  • CRUD functionality on User model and Hack (travel tip) providing experience with each controller method
  • Implemented cookies using sessions & application controllers’ methods for user-specific experience
  • Utilized bcrypt password encryption for safe password handling and database management
  • Utilized bootstrap for efficient and user-friendly styling

  • Where's Beer?

    Brewery locator and review CLI app, written in Ruby, using the Open Brewery DB API
  • Connected to Open Brewery DB API to pull down all CA brewery information
  • Implemented ActiveRecord queries to display most popular breweries, user’s favorite drink and more
  • Created bookmark functionality that allows users to save breweries of their choice
  • Created search functionality that allows users to search on several attributes

  • Experience

    Software Engineering Student

    Flatiron School

    -Completed 15-week immersive course that demanded over 1,000 hours of coding
    -Collaborated and pair-programmed with fellow engineering students for daily coursework and projects
    -Collaborated with UI/UX designers to improve project styling and layout

    September 2019 - January 2020

    Account Manager


    - Pre-revenue start-up aiming to automate the retail distribution experience
    - Participated in engineering meetings to relay potential clients’ desired functionality and express common concerns with the beta-build in place
    - Demoed product at trade shows, built marketing materials, and spoke with suppliers/retailers about future use.
    - Collaborated with designers for improved UX
    - Managed client relationships - incoming pipeline and outgoing lead generation (both retailers and suppliers)

    June 2016 - January 2017

    Account Executive


    - Managed data migrations from preceding case management system to MerusCase. Worked directly with backend engineers to ensure a successful client onboarding
    - Present on day of each migration to remedy any issues that demanded additional attention. Required a complex understanding of the functionality of MerusCase and the desired structure for each client.
    - Represented MerusCase at trade-shows and CEC (Continuing Education Credits) Conferences.
    - Provided on-site training and demonstrations for law firms - demanded some understanding of each law type that each firm practiced.
    - Managed full sales cycle; lead generation through client onboarding.
    - Averaged 120% of quota each quarter. Sold $250k in services.

    March 2014 - June 2016


    Programming Languages & Tools
    • RAILS
    • RUBY
    • SQL


    When I'm not coding I love hanging out with my new puppy, Bruno. We both enjoy ribeye steaks, hiking, camping and the snow. One day I will have a sidecar for my motorcycle so we can enjoy that together too. Next to family and dogs, food is another passion; I'm currently in the process of refactoring my smoked St. Louis ribs and thoroughly enjoy the testing process.

    I am very interested in all things tech. As a user, I have a critial eye and appreciate attention to detail (Apple has seen more than a few bug reports authored by me).